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Allen and I have traveled the world together and every trip has been a fun, adventure filled experience.  We already have so many precious memories that we share.  We had already talked about getting married - planning our lives together.  But really, we hadn't made any formal decisions or gotten officially engaged. 

Anne: Allen told me that he had a piece to write on Oahu and wanted me to come keep him company.  That was the story anyway. 

Allen:  Yes that was the story.  But in reality it was a romantic getaway to Hawaii.  Often when we travel we stay at modest accomodations.  But I knew on this trip I was going to ask Anne to marry me so I wanted it to be special.

Anne:  It WAS special. And I was so surprised.  I still had no idea that Allen had anything up his sleeve.  I thought this was all part of the article he was writing. 

Allen:  Hawaii has the most beautiful beaches!  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to propose but one evening at sunset we were sitting on the beach outside the and I knew that's where (and right then!) I wanted to ask Alyssa to marry me.  I did and she said YES.  I still can't believe it!