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We are so blessed to have so many friends and close family members.  We decided early on it would be impossible to include everyone in our wedding party.  In keeping with our "keep it simple" mantra on living life, we are each only having one attendent.



Fortunately when I moved to Miami Allison followed shortly thereafter. She loves Miami - and Allen - as much as I do.  When I told her Allen had asked me to marry him, she was more excited than I was!  I am so lucky to have Allison as both my best friend and my sister!

Tom and I met in college and Tom is the one who told me I'd be crazy not to propose to Anne.  It's only right he be by my side when Anne and I are married.  THANK YOU, Tom!

Our best friend... Joey!

Joey won't be able to travel to Hawaii with us but we did want to include special mention as he is our bestest furry friend of all!